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24th January 2020

How To Make Product CGI Faster & More Cost-Effective

CGI – What is it?

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One of the most succinct definitions of CGI comes from Vashi Nedomansky of Vashi’s Visuals, describing CGI as the following;

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is one of many tools that talented artists and filmmakers use to help better tell their stories. CGI is not created by the push of some magic button. It is the culmination of careful thought, design, experimentation and the pure creativity of artists. The impossible becomes reality and when done well, evokes wonder and awe as it transports the audience deeper into the story‚Ķ”

Typically, CGI has found itself heavily involved in the entertainment industry. Whether it be a blockbuster movie or the latest game, CGI has brought the world of fantasy ever closer to reality. As technology has grown, software improves and its capabilities widen, CGI has become an important part of business on a global scale. Users engage and interact with computer-generated images almost every second of the day making sales, marketing products and heightening brands. But for all of the benefits CGI brings, it is not without its pitfalls.


Still waiting for your visuals?

Here at D Cube, we regularly speak with companies using CGI for their brochures, social media and customer engagement. In our discussions, we have seen many recurring issues they have experienced when dealing with CGI projects. Top of the list is turnaround time. In the busy digital world we live, there is a constant demand for speedy, effective and efficient turnaround of work.

Unfortunately, with the intricate detail and processes within creating CGI, this is often not achieved. On average, the turnaround time for a CGI project is several weeks. This, combined with the inevitable back and forth, changing of ideas and other delays can set deadlines back even further. Whilst CGI creation takes time, to further delay the client’s needs in this modern age is not acceptable.

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D Cube has the answer

In light of this issue, the team at D Cube began to think of ways we can eradicate delay, as well as make CGI more cost-effective. The bulk of our work is spent creating the environment. The setting in which our clients want their products to be seen in is vital. It must evoke not only a superior & hyper-realistic visual quality, but reflect the identity & brand of the client itself.

We knew having a mass collection of inspiring, modern and creative room sets to choose from would be valuable for clients. Offering a variety of settings from interior, exterior, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, landscape and more gives users the flexibility, freedom and choice to fully showcase their products. By eradicating the largest portion of our work, whilst still being able to create our client’s vision has been an invaluable process. This is the beauty of our 3D Scene Library.

With pressure on imminent deadlines, we understand that in this business, production time is king. Sadly in a lot of business, increasing your speed often means sacrificing on the quality of the work. In the world of CGI & visuals, quality is everything. As our work graces the brochures, catalogues, websites and social media of high-end prestigious companies, how can we guarantee a high-quality result in a short time frame? Over time, D Cube recognised this was an important question that needed an answer. That answer being our 3D Scene Library.


Simple, effective & fast CGI

Do these issues seem familiar?

Have you found yourself struggling to get not only the quality CGI you need but in an efficient time?

We understand these problems are vital to you and how your business operates. We want to help bring your products and creativity to life as well increase your sales, grow your business and enhance your brand! If you are looking to simplify, enhance and scale up your product launches, website or customer engagement, our 3D Scene Library is the perfect method to tick those boxes!

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