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14th January 2020

D Cube 3D Scene Library: CGI Room Sets Now Available

2020: Time for image innovation with 3D CGI room sets

As we start 2020, D Cube has been debating exactly what our industry needs. For all companies that use CGI, quality, lead time and the constant back and forth are issues that we hear about time after time, we have the solution.

From today, D Cube proudly offers you access to our exciting library of pre-created 3D roomsets. With over 6000 pre-created roomsets to choose from, you can decide the perfect settings to fully showcase your products. Once you have chosen the room scenes you love and sent over the products you want adding to these rooms, you can expect to have your hyper-realistic, products enhancing CGI in as little as 48 hours.


How does it work?

This isn’t Photoshop but 3D CGI room-sets! So how does this work with such a short turnaround?

D Cube has pre-created a vast series of 3D room scenes ranging from domestic living rooms to commercial workspaces. These roomsets can be altered to incorporate your unique product offerings. Be it a floor, furniture or household product. Traditionally, CGI studios charge customers on a per-image basis, with considerable time spent on creating the ideal roomset bespoke to their requirements. D Cube has recognised that, for many, a bespoke scene isn’t needed as – let’s face it – we aren’t selling the room but your product within that room! By taking away a large part of the production time & cost, our studio can concentrate on bringing your products to life.



I want access!

Let us help you! The first step is to simply talk to us. We would love nothing more than to understand the imagery you would need, but also the brand image you wish to convey. These are principles we work by here at D Cube as we know the standard of our work can dramatically add to your reputation, brand & customer engagement. So why not speak with us about your CGI requirements?  See how our pre-created library access gives you efficient, quality visuals and have your products shine exactly how you envisioned them. You have nothing to lose!



CGI roomset FAQS

Q. Are the angles pre-selected or can I choose alternative camera angle?

A. We can offer as many alternative camera angles as you require within the scene. These are priced on a per angle basis.


Q. Why are bespoke visuals at the same price as pre-created?

A. If there really is no pre-created room set that suits your product, or you want a particular bespoke visual creating, we charge you the same price! We do this on the condition that upon completion, your bespoke CGI becomes part of our library for other clients to share and use.


Q. How many products can I put into the same scene image?

A. The basic cost allows for a maximum of 3 products per scene set-up. More products are possible with the cost being calculated on a per-project basis.


Q. Can you revise elements within the scene if we don’t like certain parts? e.g the location of a door or existing furniture item?

A. Yes, we can modify the scene to change the location of doors/floor layouts, etc. We also have a vast library of pre-created product models so if you don’t like a particular item, let us know and we will change it.


Q. Are the scenes used by other companies?

A. Yes, but we will always ensure that, if a scene has been previously used, we will alter its aesthetic to ensure it isn’t obvious.


Q. What files do I need to send in order to start a project?

A. 3D models / photo-scans of the products are preferable. We can also work with scale sketches/photographs although this will add to the set-up cost of a project.


Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. The standard turnaround time for an architectural rendering project is 1 week; for an interior design rendering project, it’s as little as 48 hours. The exact TAT, however, depends on many factors – number of views, complexity, details, etc. To learn how much time your project will take exactly, please contact us through the website and send a brief. Our specialist team will consider all the requirements and give you accurate turnaround information.


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