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3rd October 2019

8 Ways Architects and Designers Can Reduce the Cost of CGI Rendering

CGI rendering is a powerful way for architects and interior designers to express their amazing design concepts. It immerses the audience into the world where the concept presented already exists, and gives them a real taste of what it will look like. It blurs the line between virtual and real, and provides the architects and designers with a powerful weapon of persuasion.

Sometimes, the architect has a limited budget. It happens when you’re working on an investment project, and the money will be transferred only after its approval. So naturally, you are looking for ways to keep the budget down.

How to reduce costs on 3D rendering services – 8 tips

1. Use Pre-existing Libraries of 3D Models

When CGI rendering is ordered, the architect or designer specifies whether they want certain objects to be modelled from scratch or borrowed from a 3D library. Modelling new furniture, interior accessories and decor might not be necessary after all. We have a large library of 3D models from previous work, where clients often find the options that fit their needs.

2. Provide a More Detailed Technical Assignment

Or even better – consider changing the task from design to visualisation only. The idea is easy: the more work you do, the less work required by your 3D rendering company. Calculations, drawings, other specifications, will take more of your time. But as a result, the cost of work on the CGI rendering is reduced substantially.

3. Limit the Number of Revisions

When the budget is tight, think of reducing the amount of modifications. You have two options available: Give a detailed Technical Assignment (see the point above), or make modifications only when the change really impacts the outcome.

4. Extend Timeframes

Urgency calls for more money to be paid for the CGI project. So, if the time allows, don’t rush it. Give it time and your full attention instead – and you’ll be better off.

5. Consider Intermediate Results

By intermediate results we basically mean rougher, less polished final renders. The more detailed the image, the higher the price is. And sometimes, you don’t need full-scale presentation material. In fact, in some cases you may only need to show the client a basic concept. In that case, ask the 3D rendering company you work with for a so-called intermediary result – a fast, grey render or just an image in lower resolution.

They can represent an architectural or design concept perfectly, though without photorealism. Then, when your project is fully ‘green lit’ you can revisit the initial images and ask us to create higher spec renders for you if needed.

6. Provide a Ready 3D Model of a Project

Sometimes, the architect or designer has 3D modelling skills. Or he has a friends that does, and can do the task for free. Then, the architect can save money on the CGI rendering project. In that case, include that 3D model in the Technical Assignment – and tick 3D modelling services off your project pricing list.

7. Detail Certain Elements During Post-Production (2D Instead Of 3D)

In exterior design CGI projects, there are bound to be people in the background, enjoying life and interacting with the design. They don’t need to be modelled and rendered along with the CG image. A cheaper way is to add those details with help of Photoshop at the post-production stage. The same goes for secondary furniture or decor objects. The result will be less realistic, but still presentable and impactful. And the price, lower.

8. Have Multiple CGI Projects Done Instead Of One

That option is available if you have multiple designs to present. Then, you can order not one, but a few CGI rendering projects at once. As a consequence, the 3D visualisation company knocks the price off for the benefit of future cooperation.

It is still possible to present an architectural project with CGI power when the budget is limited. Use these tips to minimise the cost of the 3D rendering process, and win the clients over with amazing concepts.

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