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7th February 2020

4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect CGI Room Set

Useful advice…

There are a lot of considerations you need to make when deciding on the perfect CGI room set for a product visualisation. It has to be balanced, enticing and real. To choose a scene that is too cluttered or brightly coloured could immediately distract attention from your product. You want your products to shine, to engage your potential customers and bring your creativity to life.

Therefore, with our 3D Scene Library now being made public, we thought we would give you some brief pointers on how to maximise your searches and get the best fit for your product. With over 6000 pre-created room sets for you to look in to, make sure you begin with some specialist advice.


1) Have high-quality 3D product models

Before you get to the stage of searching for your perfect room set, you will know which of your product(s) you are wanting to showcase. However, it goes considerably further than that. Making sure the digital model of your product is high quality and workable is vitally important.

Whilst this is a service we can happily carry out for you, those that already have product files are encouraged to be certain their versions are as good as they can be. Your products are what we want to flaunt and draw the most attention to in your final CGI visualisation. We want our pre-created room sets to accentuate and enhance them, not detract.

2) Match product references with room set design

Some room sets will instinctively be more attractive than others. Colour, space, light and other factors all combine when you choose which one suits your product best. Therefore, use your product as a guide.

Think of the colour, shape and style of your product. When they were initially created, they were designed with a particular context in mind. The room set you decide should evoke the same emotional response and appear as though your product was built to be there. This context may vary based on current trends, your client market’s preferences or your designer’s creativity. Certain products are meant to fit well in particular interiors. Let your product be your guide.

3) Choose a room set that’s relevant

The scene in which you want to place your product need to be balanced, natural, enticing and proportionate. When choosing a larger room set, the other features within the room must elevate and highlight your product. They must have relevance, ideally of a similar style or in the same product range as your initial product. With our 3D Scene Library, we offer you 3 products within 1 main room set image, presenting a fabulous opportunity to have new product ranges displayed in one cohesive, hyper-realistic image.

4) Be aware of season & natural surroundings

Whilst this does not apply to all potential project images, being mindful of season, natural light and the wider environment can massively enhance your product. It is often the aspect that creates the most emotion and feel, setting apart a good CGI render from a bad one.

Key thoughts would be what season would make your product look best? If it is a cosy, warm setting you want your products in, would a winter season outside enhance it? Have you thought about natural light? Where electronic light sources may be? These elements combine to really sell your product and are essential thoughts to have.


How you choose your room set with our 3D Scene Library

Introducing D CUBE 3D Scene Library


To summarise…

The perfect CGI room set will always begin with perfecting a 3D model of your product. When followed with a clear vision of the interior context, your products will begin to flourish and gain the wanted customer engagement you seek. Your final images are precisely the marketing tool you need to sell the right product to the right audience.

We know our array of 6000+ pre-created room sets spoils you for choice in design, context and potential.  Each has been created with style, creativity and context in mind. By following these tips, you will begin to imagine the perfect setting for your products to be presented in. In our 3D Scene Library, you will find it!

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